Jewish Heritage Tours

From the Second Temple Period to the Kabbalists, Israel is filled with Jewish history and tradition. Explore your Jewish heritage in the Jewish homeland. On our Jewish heritage tours, you will visit the sites most important to Jewish history, religion, and culture.

Connect to your identity with a Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel (Western Wall). Memorialize victims of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem. Visit the Knesset building and learn about modern Israeli politics. Discuss Jewish martyrdom on the top of Massada and learn about modern Israeli heroes at the Hatzerim Air Force Museum.

Take a virtual tour of the Second Temple at the Davidson Center. Walk below the original Temple site on a Kotel Tunnel tour. Listen to Ben Gurion declare Independence for the State of Israel. Learn about Jews living across the globe at “ANU” – the Museum of the Jewish People. Marvel at history during the Tower of David Museum’s light and sound show. See the amphitheater at Caesarea built by Herod during the Roman period. View the Israeli-Syrian border on a jeep tour through the Golan Heights. Connect to your Jewish heritage by traveling through Jewish history – both past and present – on these exciting tours through the Jewish homeland.

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