Extreme Israel

Israel offers a wide variety of extreme activities around the country that invites you to explore Israel’s natural beauty and its different ecosystems and types of weather.

Starting in the north, the Golan Heights is seemingly one of the most captivating regions of Israel. Water springs, charming animals, sensational views, and deep history are just a fraction of what it offers. Explore the area in guided jeeps tours, self-driving ATVs, rafting, or kayaking in the Jordan River, or take one of The Israel National Trail routes, a hiking path that crosses all the country. 

In the center area, closer to Jerusalem, in the Ella Valley, you can drive an ATV in the lush green forested hills and experience an exhilarating self-guided adventure, flush with some of Israel’s most sensational landscape, historical treasures, and natural jewels.

In the south, travel the Judean or the Negev Desert’s incredible scenery in a guided jeep tour. Drive over hills and into valleys, find impressive secret monasteries built into stones, and swim in beautiful natural springs. This unique journey will take you to memorable parts of the country and is assured to be a highlight of your trip.

It is worth mentioning that abseiling/rappelling experiences are available all over the country and are suitable for all kinds of levels.