Dead Sea area

Discover the lowest place in the world and its enigmatic historical and natural sites.

We will take you to two of Israel’s most impressive highlights. Your experienced tour guide, an expert story-teller, will bring to life the magic of Masada, a Herodian fortress with an incredible history built atop a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. You will take a cable car to Masada’s highest point, where you will explore the ancient ruins, or you can do it by taking one of the two hiking paths available.

You will then visit the Dead Sea, which offers unique bathing and relaxation experiences on earth. The water is so rich in minerals that as soon as you step in, you find your body floating to the surface like nowhere else in the world.

In the area, we can visit historical places like Qumran, where the famous scrolls of the Dead Sea were found, including the complete text of the Book of Isaiah, or marvelous natural gems like Ein Gedi National Park, the biggest oasis in Israel that offers springs, waterfalls, cliffs and it is home to ibexes and rock hyraxes.