Christian Tours

A visit to the Holy Land is the experience of a lifetime, a journey to the very source of our faith, for wherever you set foot, you are stepping on ground with religious and spiritual associations. The unique spiritual experience of visiting the Holy Land is a much-cherished dream of every Christian, no matter what their denomination is. We are the experts in fulfilling that dream. The Christian Holy Land tours bring you to the sacred and holy sites of the Old and New Testament.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples as you visit the many spots at which his miracles were performed. See the Sea of Galilee, where he walked on water. Walk down the Via Dolorosa, visiting each of the Stations of the Cross until arriving at Jesus’ final rest in place in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Go to Bethlehem and visit the Church of the Nativity where he was born. A variety of Christian and Pilgrimage tours to Israel also takes you to experience the many other famous sites around Israel. Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. Ride a camel in the desert. Marvel at the hills of the Galilee and Golan Heights and at the Roman cities built at Caesarea and Massada.

Memorialize victims of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem.  Enjoy the food of Israel’s many different ethnic and religious groups. Visit Catholic churches in Israel. Our powerful Christian tours take you through the Bible, ancient history and modern Israel. For groups and tailor-made tours, please feel free to contact us.