Mini Jewish Heritage Galilee Tour - 2 Nights

Tour Route: Mediterranean Sea – Galilee- Golan Heights – Jordan Valley

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We will begin our journey up the Mediterranean Coast to the ancient coastal city of Caesarea, once the Roman capital of the region. See the excavations of the crusaders’ city, the aqueduct and the amphitheatre which has been restored as a concert venue. Proceed to Haifa for an incredible panoramic view from Mt. Carmel and visit “AF AL PI CHEN”, the naval museum of the illegal immigration to Israel at the time of the British mandate. Drive to Acre; walk along the old harbor and local market; Continue to the northernmost point of Israel at Rosh Hanikra. Descend by cable into the limestone Grottoes. 

Overnight : Tiberias or Kibbutz Guest House 


This morning we will start with a visit the mystical city of Safed, the center of the Kaballah movement; Visit the JOSEPH CARO and the HA’ ARI synagogues, the most important synagogues in the city; stroll around the the Artist’s quarter. Enjoy an exciting jeep tour to the foots of the Golan. Continue to the Golan heights and visit Mount Bental at an observation point over Northern Israel as well as the city of Kuneitra, and Syrian territory. You will stop at Tel Facher, a former Syrian army camp.  Visit the Banias springs. Next, a visit to Tel-Hai; See the “Roaring Lion” monument and learn about the heroic battle of Josef Trumpeldor and his comrades in 1920.

Overnight: Tiberias or Kibbutz Guest House


This morning we will drive to Tiberias to visit Rambam’s grave. We will continue to the ancient site of Beit Shean, also called “Scythopolis”, the biggest archeological park in Israel with incredible excavations from both the Roman and Byzantine periods. You will continue to Beit Alpha and appreciate the beauty of the mosaic floor of a synagogue from the Byzantine period. Followed by a refreshing visit to Gan Hashlosha, (Sachne) where you will have an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the springs located at the foots of the Gilboa mountain. The location where King Saul was killed in the battle against the Philistines. We will drive through the Jordan valley en route to Jerusalem; Stop at Mount Scopus for a blessing as you enter the city.

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Mini Jewish Heritage Galilee Tour – 2 Nights

You will embark on a  3 day tour focusing on Jewish Heritage sites in the northern part of Israel – the breathtaking Galilee. The tour incorporates major cities and sites: Caesarea – the Roman capital of the region, Haifa – an amazing panoramic view from Mount Carmel, Acre – walking along Acre’s port and local market. On the second day. you will have the opportunity to visit  mystical city of Safed, continue to the Golan Heights and the Banias springs. Later that day, visit Tel-Hai were a heroic battle of Josef Trumpeldor and his comrades in 1920 was fought. The third and last day of the tour, includes a visit to Tiberias and the Rambam grave, the Scythopolis in Beit Shean – the biggest archeological park in Israel, Beit Alpha and Gan Hashlosha. The tour ends in Jerusalem. For more details see the detailed  itinerary.

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