Fun Desert Excursions in Israel

Fun Desert Excursions in Israel

Israel’s listing of tourist attractions is inexhaustible and includes spectacular desert wonders packed with natural springs, craters, wildlife and incredible ancient structures. Israel’s deserts now offer affordable accommodations to suit all tastes. Nourish your imagination and stir your adrenaline with a trip to remarkable desert destinations in Israel.

Negev Desert

The Negev is an extensive semi-desert that stretches to across Southern Israel. The land hosts some of the most interesting treasures in Israel coupled with astonishing geological wonders. Visitors journey through beautiful nature reserves, hiking trails, vineyards and enjoy relaxing camel rides.

Interesting Sites to Visit in the Negev Desert

  1. “Makhtesh Ramon”- Ramon Crater

Visitors get to view the world’s biggest erosion crater with enlightening geological formation stories. The site features a vast network of hikes including advanced mountain hikes as well as easy loops. The site has the largest national park in Israel referred to as the Ramon Nature Reserve. There are numerous hotels in the region like the Beresheet Hotel, Isrotel Ramon Inn Hotel and others that offer comfortable accommodation.

  1. Ben Gurion Hut in Kibbutz Sde Boker

The site is named after David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, whose dream was to settle in the Negev and help the region bloom after his retirement. True to his word he relocated to Kibbutz Sde Boker and actively participated in the growth of the region. He was buried in the Negev following his final wish and his tomb is set on a beautiful view of the Ovdat and Tsin highlands and is frequented by the public. The location is reserved as an education center detailing the vision and life of Ben Gurion, and researchers come here to study the Negev Desert.

  1. Masada

Masada is one of the iconic archaeological sites across the world dating back to 30 BCE. It is renowned as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, a breath-taking ancient fortress strategically built on a plateau above the famous Dead Sea. Visitors enjoy climbing the extremely high mountain and learning the story of this amazing geological site.

  1. Judea Desert

The Judean Desert is located East of Jerusalem and seems to descend towards the Dead Sea. Tourists enjoy the momentous adventure presented by this rock desert with numerous valleys, historical sites, ravines, gorgeous Wadi Qelt and suits visitors interested in exploring the desert landscapes.



Desert excursions are fast blooming as interesting destinations for tourists. Israel provides vast attractions in its stunning deserts a few of which are pointed out above.. Everyone can enjoy fun hiking activities, captivating cultures and stories and beautiful sceneries.

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