Educational & Alumni

Educational & Alumni

Experience the vibrant and dynamic country of Israel through an exceptional educational travel offered by Eshet Incoming. Students from prestigious programs and college missions from around the world lead trips to Israel, meticulously planned and organized to meet the needs and interests of their peers.


With the support and expertise of Eshet Incoming, students are empowered to create immersive and authentic experiences that reflect the diverse interests and fields of study within their programs. From meeting members of the Knesset and justices of the Supreme Court to engaging with leading technology companies, witnessing Israeli innovation firsthand, each Israel trip brings the country’s reputation as the “Startup Nation” to life through a combination of education, culture, and fun.


Eshet Incoming provides comprehensive support throughout the planning process, offering advice on logistics, itinerary design, accommodations, restaurants, special activities, and events. 


During these transformative trips, graduate student leaders and alumni have the opportunity to meet with policy-makers, security specialists, historians, journalists, entrepreneurs, and more. These encounters offer a deeper understanding of Israel’s richness and complexity, providing insights into its political landscape, security challenges, historical significance, and cultural diversity.


Furthermore, students have the privilege of engaging with the leaders who are shaping Israel’s dynamic and pluralistic society. These interactions allow for meaningful discussions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the country’s social, economic, and technological advancements.


Experiential and enriched educational travel allows participants to gain an understanding and deep connection to Israel.


Together with our partners at ITrek and Worldstrides, we strive to provide excellent service and have had the privilege to work with esteemed institutions such as: Harvard, Duke, Columbia and UCLA.


Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and forge lasting connections in the captivating land of Israel with Eshet Incoming.






American Jewish Committee

American Jewish Committee (AJC) is a global Jewish advocacy organization. Through global diplomacy, political advocacy and coalition building, AJC engages with leaders at the highest levels of government and civil society to counter antisemitism and advance democratic values in Israel. AJC Global Forum is the premier global Jewish advocacy conference, featuring an unparalleled lineup of world leaders.

  • 1,500 Attendees from 60 Countries
  • 4-day Conference + 2-day Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Speakers Lineup Included Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ambassadors
  • 30 Simultaneous Lunch Events + 17 Simultaneous Dinner Events Daily
  • 15 Tours / Tracks
  • 30+ Production Coordinators

Multi-Track Journey

Organizing a trip for a diverse group of individuals can be challenging, considering each participant’s different interests and background, especially when it comes to achieving organizational goals and still considering the individual. It requires careful planning, flexibility, and creativity in accommodating various interests and backgrounds while maintaining group unity.

In June 2023, Eshet Israel successfully hosted a group of 300 participants from Spark Boston, facing the unique challenge of catering to diverse interests and backgrounds while achieving the group’s organizational goals. With participants spanning different age groups, sub-divisions, affiliations within the organization, and varied interests for their visit to Israel, the task demanded expert organization and creativity.


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