Amazing Art Centers and Museums in Israel

Historical Culture

The visual arts sector in Israel is remarkably flourishing, attracting multitudes of tourists to behold the extraordinary ambience of unique, diverse, and interesting art. Israel hosts one of the world’s spectacular artists-only villages called Ein Hod, which has 14 art workshops, 22 galleries and two museums. Street graffiti, in the cities, is also a common form of art in Israel, which showcases the overwhelming talents of Israeli people. Check out the must-visit art centers Israel has to offer with impressive exhibitions suited for all art lovers.


Best Art Centres and Museums Israel

  1. The Israel Museum

Next time you find yourself in Israel, you might want to step into the world’s leading archaeology and art museum. The Israel Museum houses prehistoric to present-day encyclopaedic collections in Jewish art, fine art and archaeology. Here you are exposed to 500,000 objects of art, history and culture dating back 5,000 years . 

  1. Friends of Zion Museum

This museum presents technology-enhanced art and history showcasing stories of heroism and love to the world. It is centrally located in Jerusalem and uses a breath-taking virtual technology that unfolds stories for an interactive display. This is certainly a must-visit destination for children and adults seeking an astonishing experience where biblical figures, businessmen, military officials, and academics are brought to life by illustrating their unique stories.  

     3.  Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Home to original artistic documentation and objects, Umberto Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, preserves artwork from the Jewish communities in Italy throughout the past millennium. The museum recreates the wealth of Jewish life through its exclusive images, treasures, and artifacts.  Objects of art are used to illustrate the Italian Jewry legacy, creativity, vitality, and diverse forms of culture.

    4. The Museum of Islamic Art

This art center has been in existence since 1974 in Jerusalem. The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to the collection of art exhibitions and archaeological artifacts that symbolize Islamic art for decades. It displays a deep insight and broad view into the overwhelming artistic treasures featured in the Muslim world, which extended over Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, India, and Afghanistan. This is a major attraction if you are looking to understand the vast history of Muslim culture artistically represented in various forms. 

    5. Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Established in 1932, this is Israel’s biggest art museum, with a rich display of temporary and permanent exhibits. The museum presents an impressive collection of both international and Israeli artists. It is also a hot-spot of traditional art, with a deep appeal to history and culture.

In Summary

Art expresses history, culture and tells people’s stories in the best way possible by creating exemplary images that fascinate life. Israel recreates its past and present existence, by using artistic illustrations to display the stories of the Israeli people. Museums and galleries in Israel present amazing tourist destinations for  education and experience through art. 


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